Wholesale Price List

Are you looking to feature local meat on your menu? Or in your store? We already have an extensive list of restaurants (and some stores; see "Where to Purchase Our Products" page for list) that carry our meats but we're more then happy to welcome more!

We offer FREE delivery and net 15 invoicing! 

If you'd like to place an order for delivery please call Tim, at (603)702-0342 or email us at [email protected]

You can also order online through Three River Farmers Alliance! 


Tenderloin - $16.95 lb. 

Bacon – $11.25 lb. 

Pork Chops - $8.95 lb.

Country Style Ribs - $7.35 lb.

Cased Sausage -$8.75 lb.

Bone-in Whole Loin - $8.45 lb.

Boneless Loins - $9.45 lb.

Fresh Bellies - $6.95 lb. 

Uncased Sausage - $6.95 lb. 

Boneless Fresh Hams -$6.25 lb. 

Whole Hind Hams -$5.95 lb.

Ground Pork - $7.25 lb.

Pork Butt - $6.45 lb.

Fresh Shoulder - $6.45 lb.                        




Half Pig - $3.75 lb + processing 

Whole Pig - $3.75 lb + processing 

We also have soup bones, liver ($2.50lb), kidney, back fat ($2.00lb), hocks, and pigs feet (2.00lb), ½ pigs head ($17.50).   


Whole Chicken(USDA Exempt) $4.65 lb.

Whole Duck (USDA Exempt) - $7.25 lb

Whole Turkey(USDA Exempt) - $4.65 lb.