Our pork, chicken and turkey are all naturally raised. That means they aren’t fed growth stimulants, hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. In fact, we feed our livestock gleaned produce from local farms. Meaning they often eat farm-to-trough. It doesn't get better than that.

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KBF Pork Doodle Art

Perfect Pork

Tender and full of flavor, our cuts of pork are an experience like no other. Hell, it’s so good, it probably should be illegal. All of our pork is USDA inspected locally in New Hampshire and our pigs are free ranged. With an assortment of proprietary sausage recipes (including chorizo, breakfast, hot Italian and sweet Italian) and pork chops that are packed with flavor, Kellie Brook Farm pork is a staple of Seacoast flavor.

KBF Poultry Doodle Art

Terrific Turkey

Our turkeys are so large you may need to invite the extended family. And maybe even the second cousins. Packed with flavor, our turkeys maintain peak juiciness even after a Thanksgiving bake. Once you try our locally raised turkey, Thanksgiving will never be the same.

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Prepared Meals

Made with Kellie Brook Farm’s top-quality pork, chicken and turkey. Cooked by an executive chef. Does it get any better? Our prepared meals are just as they sound—meals that are ready to be brought home and heated and served. It’s like going to a farm-to-table restaurant, at a fraction of the price.